St. Camillus Health Center is a non-profit facility that relies on the generosity of our community to continue our mission of Caring for the sick with a sense of compassion and love.

For many of you that read this, St. Camillus has touched your lives directly. Many of you were faced with one of the most difficult decisions of your lives—having to find an extended care facility to help care for a loved one, and we are honored that you have placed your trust in us. Even if St. Camillus has not had a direct impact on your lives, it probably doesn’t take too much thought to think of someone close to you whose life we have touched.
The Board of Directors has a vision for this facility that extends well past our lifetimes. Every member of the Board has been touched personally by the work of this facility, and is involved at the Board level with one goal in mind—to ensure that this facility remain the high quality provider of health care that it is known as, for many, many years to come. It is not our intention to replace sound business practices with donations, but rather to augment our current operational successes in such a way that will enable us to maintain the fantastic reputation this organization has. We ask that you think about all of the people that you know whose lives we have touched. We also ask that you look into your hearts, and think about all of those people you know whose lives we will touch in the future—maybe even your own.

Your Gift will Benefit an Industry Leader

St. Camillus Health Center has undertaken a vast change in the operational philosophy of our home. St. Camillus has always operated differently than most nursing homes, but over the past four years, we have made dramatic, almost revolutionary, changes in our day-to-day operations.

St. Camillus has been a leader in a small, nationwide, grass-roots movement in the Long Term Care Industry called “Culture Change.” This movement involves deinstitutionalizing Nursing Homes, and giving control of our elders’ lives back to our elders. The concept is a simple one in theory, but a major shift in practice.
Those of you that are able to compare the St. Camillus experience with other nursing homes can attest to the fact that the level of resident activity and staff involvement here, far outshines that of other facilities. Unfortunately, that increased level of activity is not reimbursed through Medicare and Medicaid, and we must find other ways to fund these events.

How to Make Your Gift a Reality

If you wish to make a donation or a pledge using a credit card, please click here. If you prefer to make a donation or a pledge using a check, please pick up a “Giving Tree” brochure in our lobby. You can then either drop it in the mail, or return it to our reception desk. If you would like to discuss your possible donation with a representative of St. Camillus first, please feel free to contact our Administrator, Bill Graves, at (508)234-7306.
Federal and State tax laws encourage charitable giving, so all contributions to St. Camillus can be deducted to the extent permissible by law.